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Upcoming Appearance: Wonder Con 2012, March 16-18

Hey, gang! I shall be at WonderCon 2012's Artist Alley this year! The convention runs from March 16th-18th, so if you're looking for something fun to end your Spring Break with, come check it out. I'll post more info once I have my table placement, but as always, I'll have prints with me and I'll be taking a limited number of commissions while I'm at the show.

Also, the weekend of March 23-25, I'll be at the Dreamspinner Press retreat in NYC talking about cover art and getting to meet in person some of the fantastic authors and folks I'm lucky enough to work with. If you're a DSP author and you'll be attending, let me know! I'd love to say hi. &heart;
Tags: appearances, art, conventions, covers, dreamspinner, illustration
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